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If you have taken the time to make sure that you are in good health and you need insurance to protect your family, your income or yourself. Why not get it at an ultra-preferred rate at a substantial cost savings?

Why not make all of those hours spent at the gym, changing your diet as a way of life or all those hours spent on the track payoff? We specialize in obtaining the best rates for all your needs. Contact us at the Ultra Preferred Group. We care about you and your dedication to being healthy.

In life, you never know what can happen?  Be Prepared.  At Ultra-Preferred Group we can reward you for all of your hard work in trying to live a healthy minded lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide the most competitive insurance rates for all of your essential protection insurance for life insurance, disability insurance and long term health care needs.  Ultra-Preferred Group will respect your privacy concerns and will only contact you if you expressly consent.  We will not sell or solicit any information to any 3rd parties.  It is only our goal to reward you, if only if you agree to be rewarded.  Feel free to submit your information and be reassured that your personal information will remain protected and confidential.