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Insurance specifically designed for those Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Our Mission: "Help those who maintain their good health and care about their families"

At Ultra-Preferred Group we specialize in providing the most favorable insurance rates for Essential Protection while rewarding the Healthy-Lifestyle Minded Individuals.

Our goal is provide the most favorable insurance rates and reward those individuals with Insurance Plans that provide essential and necessary protection for your family and loved ones.  We believe that your insurance rates should be based upon your hard work and desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you go the gym, exercise regularly, eat healthy and are in generally good health, you deserve to be rewarded, and all of your essential Insurance Protection plans should reflect the reward in reduced insurance premiums.  Let our agents show you how to be rewarded for living a health conscience lifestyle.


“Help those who maintain their good health and care about their family”

Life Insurance Protection

In life, anything can happen. You may not think about it but it can happen to anyone. It can happen to you. The household breadwinner is gone and the family they worked so hard to support is left to live without the appropriate financial resources. Although most households have some life insurance, the typical amount of coverage is not enough to meet all of a family’s needs to pay off debts and to protect for their future. If you already work hard to support your family; it’s time to financially protect their future.

Income Disability Protection

At The Utra-Preferred Group, we want you to be able to provide for your family, in times of sickness or in times of health. With so much reliance on your shoulders, what would happen to your family if you got ill or injured? How would they make ends meet? Did you know that one in four men and women will suffer an injury or illness during their working years? This is when disability insurance is the smart choice. Pay a little now to insure your future income.

Critical Illness – Long Term Care Insurance Protection

It might be hard to imagine now, but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life. The big question is: How will you pay for it? Buying long-term care insurance is one way to prepare. Long-term care refers to a host of services that aren’t covered by regular health insurance. This includes assistance with routine daily activities, like bathing, dressing or getting in and out of bed.